Saturday, 1 February 2014

Manufacturing wide range of Metallic Expansion Bellows

V FLEX BELLOWS PVT. LTD. , the baroda based company manufacturing wide range of Metallic Expansion Bellows / Joints / Compensators and Flexible Corrugated Hoses of various sizes, types and range as per EJMA and international standards. The company has gained more than 15 years of experience and technical know-how / expertise by qualified Engineers and quality oriented team gathered over a period has helped V FLEX BELLOWS PVT. LTD. to make pipeline industrial systems more economical as well as safer from minor to major installations at the same time, overcoming the technical details and unbending attitude towards quality with proven efficiency.
The customers needs usage patterns and industry trends have been studied thoroughly and analyzed by designing oscillations and absorbing properties are used as reliable, flexible pipe connectors in pipeline systems for industrial systems. V-FLEX Metallic Expansion Joints are commonly used even to absorb Thermal expansion / Contraction of piping and are connected with equipment such as Heat Exchangers, Condenser, Boilers, Turbines etc., and are also used for vibration free isolation, mis-alignment and torsion.
 V FLEX BELLOWS PVT. LTD. are made of Stainless Steel for a wide range of possible applications. These Metallic Expansion Joints / Bellows performs their tasks reliably for many years and can withstand under any extremely adverse operating conditions.
 V-FLEX has been associated with many technical approval concerns.
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